Protection. Care. Integration.

Arms Wide Open

Our numbers that speak

We have numbers that push us to give in our best and make sure that we break our own records. We are happy to be growing and helping more day by day.

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Refugees accommodated within 3 weeks
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Families supported with humanitarian help
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Ukrainian children integrated
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Ukrainian refugees employed

Our Aim

Our aim is the inclusion of refugees, people at risk and disadvantaged people in Bulgarian society and giving everyone an equal chance.

We believe that integration is a two-way process that must be carefully led and mutually bridged. This process is set as the basis of our activities to help create dialogue, get to know the “other”, dispel prejudice and fight discrimination. Our goal is inclusion of the “other”, built on equality and tolerance.

Arms Wide Open Association Team

Our impact

We strive to affect positive change by promoting continuity, respect, tolerance for each individual no matter what their religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender. Our work focuses on the individual on the one hand, but it also goes through the reconstruction and building of interpersonal relationships in communities, especially in vulnerable conditions such as those resulting from war and conflict.

We Find & Fund

We find and finance
Our support focuses on the following areas: improving integration into society, increasing access to education and childcare, helping people find work, upholding democratic principles and fundamental rights, providing humanitarian aid. 

We Provide Care

We believe in equality and supremacy of each person no matter from which nationality or background they come from. We trust that each one should have the same access to the social benefits as education, employment, safety, rights etc.

We Cooperate

We aim to deliver high-quality and cost-effective programs with close cooperation with international partners and local institutions. Our efforts are to help migrants and refugees to be protected, accepted and empowered in a society of just and welcoming communities.

We Learn

The goal of our organization is to implement the successful programs of our European partners for the integration of refugees in the governmental system as a Bulgarian humanitarian response.

Partners on our projects

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